Protective Surveillance Training in South Florida

Protective Surveillance (PS) is a subject that is not taught in a lot of close protection/bodyguard schools. PS, in simple terms, provides the client with covert and undercover protection. For example, we can use PS if the client does not wish others to know that he is under protection or to protect others without unduly alerting and alarming them to a possible threat.

Many in the close protection business don’t understand that high profile or low profile visible protection can have negative effects for the client. In the 90’s in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union bodyguards would be targeted by criminals providing security services who wanted to take the bodyguard’s clients; if the client had just had his protector beaten up in front of him it’s in his immediate interests to hire those than had done the beating, right? Visible security personnel can also alert criminals that the client is of some importance, has goods worth stealing or be worth kidnapping. As to those reading this thinking the close protection world is all about being a tough guy, I will tell you you’re very wrong, it’s about being alert, crafty and cautious.

Also, think about it from a business point of view. If you were going do business with someone and when you went to meet them they had a bodyguard or two what would you think? Personally, I would be thinking why they needed security, what problems do they have, are those problems going to affect my business dealings with them and possibly put me under threat. Or do they have the security because they don’t trust or want to intimidate me. These are just a few things need to be taken into consideration when initially putting together options for a client’s security program.

Risks Inc. protective surveillance training courses provide techniques and tactics that are applicable to the real-world; be it your everyday life or if your operating in hostile environments. Whether you are concerned for your personal security, a traveling executive or close protection operative our protective surveillance courses will provide you with skills that can keep you and others alive!

5-Day Protective Surveillance Training in South Florida
Public course fee: $1300.00 USD ($500.00 advance booking fee)
Private course fee: $2500.00 USD ($500.00 advance booking fee)
Private group fee: Depends upon individual requirements
The course fee does not to include accommodation
Includes weapon hire and ammunition

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Protective Surveillance Training

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