IED Ambushes – Counter Terrorism Awareness 

This article is to go in conjunction with the numerous others on this blog that cover vehicle security and operating in potentially hostile environments. I like to use videos from real situations to help emphasis what I am trying to explain as it’s one thing to talk about something in a comfortable environment and another to deal with it in a f#cked up environment. The below videos are from the wars in Chechenya and there is a lot you can learn from them, especially if you have read my other articles on IED’s etc.

These videos are graphic and will hopefully get the point through to you that your life is very fragile! Terrorists are cowards and murderers, their aim to kill people like us the easiest way they can without putting themselves in harm’s way. No one is invulnerable, think about today, how many time could some have stabbed or shot you in the back while you were walking on the street or chilling at a coffee shop etc.? Look at the recent terrorist’s attacks in London and just yesterday in Flint, Michigan… These days you must be aware, take precautions and understand the terrorist threat!

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