Personal Security Awareness & Defense Classes in Florida
Suitable for Teenagers

Our personal security classes are aimed at professional people who want to be more security aware and capable of defending themselves, their families, and businesses. With the rising crime rates in today’s society, there is a need for everyone to be aware of the potential threats that they and their families may be exposed to and how to avoid and, if necessary, deal with them.

In our personal security classes, you will learn to make security procedures part of your daily routine and to apply them properly so they will give you confidence, whilst not restricting your lifestyle. Our method of teaching is both informal and relaxed.

As with all our training, we aim to educate individuals how to identify and avoid potential problems. Our personal security classes are applicable to adults and adolescences, there is no requirement for physical fitness.

  • Threat Assessments
  • Online Safety
  • Home Security
  • Street Awareness
  • Self-Defense
  • And more!!

Fee: $45
Duration: 5 hours
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Hostile Environment Awareness Training Courses