Basic Survival Hiking in The Florida Everglades

I have been asked numerous times to run survival courses and to guide hikes into the Florida Everglades, think this has to do with my sighing of the two Florida panthers! So, I am offering a basic survival hike that covers approximately 8 miles through varied environments. Yes, it can be wet, yes it can be muddy and yes there may be the odd insect… It’s the Everglades.

This hike is done at a relaxed pace and takes about 5 hours, you will get to experience a very unique ecosystem and there will be an opportunity to practice some basic survival skills also discuss basic tracking and navigation. This unique experience will give you an excellent outdoors adventure and a story that make others recreational activities seem pretty mundane!

No special equipment is required, just a good pair of walking shoes, plenty of fluids and a positive mindset!

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Orlando Wilson
Risks Incorporated
Risks Incorporated:

“Stay low and keep moving”

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