Security Driving in High Risk Areas (Videos)

Security driving is a subject where a lot of people get misguided and confused between what is needed and what looks cool in the movies. Most of us must drive daily, so what’s the difference between regular driving and security driving, to be honest, not a lot… You can start applying what I discuss in the below videos now, wherever you are, it’s all basic planning, preparation, and awareness.

Don’t get me wrong, properly trained and experienced drivers are an asset to any security operation, but they must be properly trained; trained to handle a vehicle safely in all weather conditions and terrain that you are likely to encounter. There is a big difference between a properly trained driver/chauffeur and someone who has undertaken a weekend tacticool evasive driving course. Most evasive driving courses make for very good corporate entertainment, I’ll leave it at that… Check my other articles on driving etc. at the below links for more of my opinions!

The below videos are from Risks Inc. jobs in Haiti and Venezuela that we did a few years ago, in which I high-light some of what I think are the main considerations when working with vehicles. The last video is a kidnapping story that some of you may find of interest… Why am I posting these, firstly to promote my services and secondly to give some solid information to those who work or live in potentially dangerous locations and don’t have access to, or can afford professional training.

One last thing I will mention, which you need to remember, is that what people in the U.S and Europe class as hostile environments are the home environments for many people. They live, work, raise families and many prosper in these hostile environments… Part of working successfully in others countries and areas is understanding their cultures and adapting to them, then usually things are not so hostile as they first appeared!!

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