Risks Inc. Tactical Training in Colorado & Florida U.S.

We have been running tactical and specialist security training courses in the U.S. for over 15 years. Risks Inc. courses teach simple, effective, proven techniques and tactics that have been drawn from our many years of international operational experience. Our students can be assured they are getting the best no-nonsense tactical training available. Please let us know if you have any questions about our tactical training services.

Close Protection / Bodyguard Training

Our courses are intended for the commercial operative, who aims to provide low profile protection services to clients who are under potential threat and for executives, due to the nature of their businesses are at potential risk from organized crime and terrorists. We focus on the subjects that are relevant to those conducting business in potentially high risk environments, where high profile protection techniques would only attract the attention of criminals and corrupt government officials. More info @ http://www.risks-incorporated.com/bodyguard-training

Tactical Firearms Training

Our tactical firearms training in Colorado, Florida, Europe and the Middle East is aimed at professional people and serious tactical shooters who require top quality tactical firearms training. We only provide private one-to-one tuition for individuals and groups; this ensures you get personal and highly professional tactical training. All of our tactical firearms classes are taught in a relaxed, ego free and informal environment, they are run by appointment only to fit into our client’s schedules -just let us know when you want class. More info @ http://www.risks-incorporated.com/tactical-firearms-training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Our intensive 4-day kidnap prevention & hostile environment training courses teach the essential skills required to safely travel and work potentially dangerous locations be it high crime inner city housing projects or third world war zones. What we teach is experienced based and due to our vast experience we understand the problems that can occur and can train you to formulate contingencies to avoid or deal with the potential problems. More info @ http://www.risks-incorporated.com/hostile-environment-training

Kidnapping Prevention Training

While our three day kidnap prevention courses are aimed at the individual, who travels internationally, for either business or personal reasons; these courses are also relevant for people who are concerned about the safety issues in their daily lives. Our courses will teach you how to put in place realistic security plans and procedures. Also how to react and deal with being kidnapped, held hostage or involved in a terrorist situation, in addition to teaching you how to identify and avoid potential problems. More info @ http://www.risks-incorporated.com/kidnap-ransom

Terrorism Awareness Workshops

On our Terrorism Awareness and Contingency Planning Courses we give our clients the confidence and knowledge to be able to differentiate the fact from fiction as far as terrorist threats are concerned. Also, they will be able to put into place realistic preventative procedures and contingency plans for dealing with potential terrorist situations. The Terrorism Awareness and Contingency Training Courses are aimed at the concerned citizen, international travelers, community and corporate leaders who will be going on to educate others in counter-terrorism procedures. More info @ http://www.risks-incorporated.com/terrorism-awarness

Note: All U.S. or International students attending our courses must provide valid government issue identification documents and proof of good character.


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