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Our adventure tours will let you see the real culture and histories of the countries in which they take place, also they provide unique experiences that will never be forgotten! In addition to the travel factor our adventure tours are an educational experience, our aim is for our clients to leave us not only with once in a life time experience but also with re-enforced confidence and a re-energized perspective on life.

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The Kurdistan Experience

The 5-day Kurdistan experience in Iraqi Kurdistan will present you with once in a life time experiences and challenges in a unique environment.

The day before your experience begins you will fly to Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan and be met at the airport and taken to your hotel where you will be briefed on the coming days activities by your training team.

  • Day-1: You will tour Sulaymaniyah and get to experience the rich Kurdish culture, history and cuisine
  • Day-2: After spending the night in Sulaymaniyah you will move off into the countryside of North West Kurdistan
  • Day-3: You will spend day-3 exploring the country side via cross country driving and hiking, with a few interesting activities included
  • Day-4: You will learn to use the weapons of the Peshmerga… Your will safely handle and shoot a variety of weapons under stringent and expert supervision. The weapons you will use will be the M-4 carbine, AK-47, PKM, DHsk 12.7 and the RPG-7. In the evening you will return to Sulaymaniyah
  • Day-5: In the morning you will head out to view the recent battle fields of the war with ISIS and get to meet the Peshmerga and get a good insight into Kurdish culture! The evening will be spent enjoying the best of Kurdish cuisine!

The day after your experience you will be taken to the airport at the required time. If extra time is available shopping trips are available etc.

Group tours start at €4250.00
Includes transport, food, hotel accommodation and activities.
Dates: Contact us!
We can provide tailored tours and packages let us know your requirements!
Note: All locations are in safe areas & security personnel accompany all tours.

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Adventure Travel in Kurdistan