Videos: Tactical AK-47 Training in Europe!

To me the Kalashnikov is still the best combat rifle out there… The main reason is because it works, It’s simple, reliable and widely available. There are a lot more modern weapons out there and quite a few are based on the Kalashnikov platform. Many rifles are more accurate and user friendly but a combat weapon needs to be reliable and able to reach out and hit someone at 200 / 300 meters/yards and most AK’s can do that!!

Here are some videos from our tactical training courses in Serbia, Europe. We run tactical courses for serving law enforcement, military and security contractors. We also run classes for recreational shooters and corporate entertainment events for those seek some fun and adventure! Click here for more info on our services or give me a shout with your questions

Our instructors in Serbia have years of weapons and operational experience within government agencies, are fluent in English and as with all of our instructors are really nice guys… Most of the time!! 😉

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