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Tactical Gear List & Considerations for SHTF
By Orlando Wilson on February 9, 2017
The below personal tactical gear list is taken from a proposal I put together for counterinsurgency / tactical team in West Africa a few years…

Countering Snipers
By Orlando Wilson on January 19, 2017
Understanding a little about snipers and methods used in countering snipers is an essential part of your operational planning and preparations.

Methods of Carrying Concealed
By Orlando Wilson on January 12, 2017
This is where you need to have a strategy already worked out for deploying your concealed carry weapon in a hostile situation

Gear Guide for Your Bug Out Bag
By Orlando Wilson on January 3, 2017
When travelling, working from a vehicle or in a hostile environment it makes sense to keep all your important and essential equipment in a bug…

Route Selection, Ambushes & VCP’s
By Orlando Wilson on December 24, 2016
Selecting good routes is extremely important part of your security planning especially in hostile areas or in times of civil unrest.

Shoot To Kill: Instinctive Shooting
By Orlando Wilson on December 19, 2016
In close quarters, defensive shooting, you do not aim as such using your handguns sights, because you usually you do not have time for this.

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Vehicle Security Basics for Survival in Bad Times
By Orlando Wilson on November 10, 2016
In times of civil unrest or if you’re traveling to a potentially hostile area your vehicle security and travel must be planned for and taken…

What’s the Best Close Quarters Weapon: Knife or a Gun?
By Orlando Wilson on October 10, 2016
I am always being asked which is better for close quarters self-defense a gun or a knife. Both are deadly weapons if used properly

Dealing with Confrontations!
By Orlando Wilson on October 1, 2016
The bad guys will have put together a mental plan and strategy for attacking you, so shouldn’t you have a plan for dealing with confrontations?

Adventure Travel and Operational Deployment Equipment List
By Orlando Wilson on September 28, 2016
I am always being asked for my advice about what equipment should be taken on trips to out of the way places.

The Tactical Mindset!
By Orlando Wilson on September 26, 2016
Use of force is a last resort and should be avoided at all costs, fighting is for amateurs.

Residential Security Checklist
By Orlando Wilson on September 13, 2016
Residential security must be taken very seriously. In times of civil unrest looters will be looking to target any location that has valuables, weapons or…

Defensive Shooting to Stay Alive!

Defensive Shooting to Stay Alive!
By Orlando Wilson on September 8, 2016
The subjects that should be included in your tactical training are defensive shooting both left and right-handed, drawing from concealed carry, using different fire positions…

Going on the Offensive: Basic Counter-Attack Considerations
By Orlando Wilson on August 22, 2016
There may be situations if you are trained and armed when you will have to take aggressive action and counter-attack those who are attacking you….

How to Respond to Active Shooter & Terrorist Attacks
By Orlando Wilson on August 12, 2016
You should first of all work out a plan of action that you will take in the case of an active shooter or terrorist attack….

Dealing with Bombs & Improvised Explosive Device Incidents
By Orlando Wilson on August 8, 2016
If you are working in the center of a large city, like London or New York, or are working in the emerging markets, where bomb…

Camouflage & Concealment

Escape and Evasion: Running for Your Life
By Orlando Wilson on August 1, 2016
Here are some basic instructions on how to avoid getting captured if you manage to escape from kidnappers, terrorists or from a location where things…

Camouflage and Concealment: The Art of Staying Hidden
By Orlando Wilson on July 29, 2016
You do not have to have expensive patterns to give you good camouflage and concealment, a gray dress shirt and a pair of light khaki…

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