Convoy Driving in Hostile Areas & The Secondary Attack! (Videos)

Tactics need to be constantly adapted for the environment and threat level of where you’re operating. There is no “one way” when you are talking tactics, everything needs to be fluid and flexible. The below video is of a successful Syrian Army ambush on a terrorist convoy and you can see the terrorist are traveling in what could be classed as a classic security convoy formation.

I tell my students I am not there to tell them what to do, I can give them guidance but they must be able to adapt their operational procedures for their individual and client requirements. The high profile Secret Service & celebrity protection techniques that may look cool on a training course in a suburban U.S. car park may not be the tactics of choice when operating in one of today’s hostile environments. The golden rule of tactics… There are no rules!

The Secondary Attack, The Secondary Attack, The Secondary Attack!!!!

If one incident has just occurred then what’s next; another IED, follow up ambush, ambush on those responding or ambush on evacuation routes?? I was recently talking with a client/friend who had a relative working at a hospital in Orlando, FL on the night of the recent terrorist attack on a nightclub there. After such incidents the security for the casualty receiving hospitals etc. needs to upped as they are a prime secondary terrorist target. When republican irish terrorists bombed Thiepval Barracks, Northern Ireland in 1996 they placed a secondary car bomb outside of the barracks medical center to try to maximize British Military casualties. Think about it, where will everybody he heading after a terrorist attack and if the terrorists murder the doctors and nurses who will treat the casualties? Terrorists do not operate by the same human rights laws they expect to be protected by! The Thiepval Barracks Bombing @

The below video is from a terrorist attack on Chechen security forces, I think 14 people were killed in this incident. Remember: The Secondary Attack!

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