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With declining economies, increasing crime rates, and the ever present threat of terrorism, everyone needs to be able to protect himself, his family, and his assets. International Security, Personal Protection in an Uncertain World, provides simple, effective, and tested techniques and procedures that can be applied by the general public and security professionals alike. The author has encountered unusual problems and situations that could have been easily avoided if simple procedures like those detailed in his book had been followed and applied.

Wilsons experience has enabled him to provide unique perspectives and solutions that cover the security needs of a broad spectrum of people, whether a parent of a teenager or an executive residing in a volatile 3rd world country. He tackles situations based upon reality rather than untested theory. There are chapters that are applicable to everyone. You will learn how criminals operate, self- defense, and residential security. For the international traveler there are chapters on travel security, staying in hotels, and first aid. And for those going to or living in high-risk areas there are chapters on counter-surveillance, basic tactics, and dealing with kidnappings, also useful to law enforcement training programs and military and security professionals.

International Security fills a large and empty gap in the market for a book that provides down-to- earth and practical information in a user-friendly format that can be applied by the general public, travelers, executives, international charity workers, and security professionals alike.


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