Free Active Shooter & Terrorist Attack Response Booklet
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It’s sad that with events in the world today I feel there is a need for everyone to have the basic knowledge of what to do if they are caught up in an active shooter or terrorist attack.

I am offering a free booklet on tactics and procedures for dealing with active shooter and terrorist attacks. Sadly, I regularly encounter reports from clients and in the media of active shooter and terrorist attacks where casualties could have been minimized by taking simple precautions and procedures.

The information in the Active Shooter & Terrorist Attack Response Booklet is drawn from my training manuals and is what I teach on my courses, so you are getting the real deal. I hope this booklet can assist you in being aware of potential security threats and able to formulate reasonable procedures and responses to hostile incidents for you and your family.

The Active Shooter & Terrorist Attack Response Booklet covers:

  • Bomb / improvised explosive device awareness & incident procedures
  • Active shooter response procedures
  • Basic counter active shooter procedures

The booklet is in PDF format and 500 KB in size, contact me and I will email you a copy or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

For those of you seeking more in-depth training and information click here to check my online training courses!

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