My DNA Profile!!

A friend got me a DNA testing kit form and the results were interesting but mainly expected… Europe: 98%!

I knew I was mainly Celt… My mother’s family name is the old Cornish name of Uren and my father’s family “Wilson” can be traced back to Clan Gunn in Northern Scotland. I take it the Spanish connection is Basque and there has to be Breton in there… So, a Celtic combination… I could see myself living in Europe in the future but I have no interest in living in Britain, it’s a lost country with a lost culture!

As for the 2% from Central Asian and Caucasus… I expect at some point my pirate and Viking ancestors must have kidnapped some hot Persian, Chechen or Georgian chicks… Think I was born in the wrong times…. 😉

My results were: Europe: 98%

  • Great Britain: 33%
  • Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland: 29%
  • Europe West: 13%
  • Iberian Peninsula: 11%
  • Scandinavia: 7%
  • Italy/Greece: 3%
  • Europe East: 2%
  • Asia Central: 1%
  • Caucasus: 1%

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