Tactical Firearms Training: Shooting the .32 Cal Beretta Tomcat at 55 yards

Subcompact small caliber pistols are dismissed by many as they see them as being inaccurate and lacking stopping power, well my response would be that you can kill someone with a pen, a gun makes it easier!

As you can see from the below video the .32 Beretta Tomcat is an accurate weapon, I hit a gallon container of water twice at 55 yards with seven rounds and was very close with the other five rounds. I am sure the 5 missed shots were due to my sighting rather than the gun’s capabilities.

Review & Video: Shooting the .32 Cal Beretta Tomcat at 55 yardsAccurate shot placement is essential for defensive shooting and the only places to guarantee to drop an opponent immediately is a brain, heart or spine shot. In calibers below 9mm I only carry full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds because I want the round to penetrate. In my carry 9mm’s I mix the ammo between FMJ’s hollow points, as then I have rounds for all situations. So, with small caliber weapons carry FMJ’s and train for head shots!

The main advantage of subcompact pistols are their size and ease of concealability. For a concealed carry weapon to deal with street issues they are idea, if you have a terrorist or cartel problem you might want a full size 9mm or .45 but, if all you have is a Beretta Tomcat it will do damage if you can use it. As a backup, escape and evasion weapon I would be happy to have it stashed in a pocked etc.

Overall it’s a nice and handy weapon as long as you take the time to get know it! For more information on tactical pistol training techniques etc. click here to for details of my book “Life or Death”.


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