I am a firm believer in the right of law abiding, trained and responsible people owning firearms, and having the right to defend themselves. The right to defend yourself and your family is a basic human right! In many U.S. states people are lucky to be able to legally get access to firearms and have laws that protect their right to self-defense.

One story I tell from my time in West Africa in 2012 happened to a team of vigilante/community security group members I was working with. Within their community areas they were armed with shotguns but did not like leaving their districts with their weapons as they could be sized for bribes by the National Police/Army. When traveling back to their district one night they drove into an armed gang’s road block, being unarmed they had little choice but to de-bus and run. A couple team members were caught and beaten but managed to persuade the robbers they were not vigilantes. Lucky the team leader who was well known escaped, if he didn’t the chances are they would have all have been killed. The following week there was another criminal road block in the same location and every woman in every vehicles stopped were raped. Should these people have not had the basic right to defend themselves?

There are many countries where firearms and military grade weapons are freely available… But when did you hear of a disgruntled youth or a depressed individual going in to a school in Mexico, Iraq, Somalia or the Congo etc. and committing a massacre for no logical reason… The countries I mentioned and others have extreme issues with violence but there is a political or power struggle reason behind it.

So, the problem is not a gun issue, it’s a social issue… Personally I think the cause is a nanny, overly protective and politically correct state where criticism and exposure to failure are to be avoided at all cost. This leads to a culture of over sensitive, self-centered individuals who believe the world owes them everything. Combine this with a medical culture where Dr.’s are seeking every opportunity to diagnose people with some illness so they can medicate them and you’re going to end up with unhinged individuals… I am surprised there are not more…. And we have yet to include junk food and computer games…

The sad thing is these unhinged individuals undermine the rights the vast majority of law abiding and responsible gun owners. It’s also sad and disgusting that the politicians seem to love these massacres as it gives them a drum o beat for their own benefits rather than looking deeply into the problem and solutions.

As I previously said, the right to defend yourself and your family is a basic human right!

Orlando Wilson – Risks Incorporated – www.risks-incorporated.com

“Stay low and keep moving”

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